Thanks everyone for playing!

It's been around 4 months since the release of Dia, such a short game, but so many of you decided to play it, including the youtube community - Jacksepticeye, John Wolfe, Corrupted, CJUGames, MrKravin, DashieGames... and many more!

So thanks everyone!

We really appreciate all the feedback and support and we have a lot of plans for the future as well!

There is a lot to learn even from a small game like Dia, which had a few problems, but that didn't stop people from playing it, and it also gave us more experience for our future projects, that you will be seeing not too long from now.

So once again - thanks everyone!

And I'll include a few links if you're interested in our future releases:

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Stoked to see what you have in the works!