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This was a wild ride that I really enjoyed. I played SA 1 back to back with SA 2 so it was so cool to see what changed, how things progressed from a storytelling perspective and design perspective. A new character and some new elements really make this a unique experience that will stand out to you! 

Thanks a lot!


Floating Heads Want To Consume You | Sorrow Asylum 2 | Indie Horror Game

Thanks for playing!

Nice horror game, more jump scares than in the previous part. The other patient is a nice addition. The role of the doctor could be a little bigger and more present in the game.


Aun mejor que el primero...

Thank you!


Always with a Vidas game, you get..

Rad AF music, interesting story/atmosphere and some good scares/chills with a good screen grabber.

And Sorrow Asylum 2 was just as good, if not better, then the first.

It brings back the characters we grew to love in the first one, the Doc and Lara

Also, we get to meet Dalu, who I still think to this day, is a dick.

It looked good, I enjoyed the asylum's look and the environment, it had small things that reminded me of the first one and kept compering to "Old Days" of my first asylum adventure.

Enjoyed seeing the character from the first and trying to mental piece together the two games and what was going on, wit the usual aftergame thought and red string theories.

It got me good with some scares and chills as things can quickly go from looping horror casual hall way fetch to sudden all hell breaking loose and panic.

So far, always enjoyed my visits to the asylum and would say, there is space for you also! Always looking for more under the bed friends!

Great Job Vidas!

What an insightful review, thanks for playing man!


I had a really fun  time playing this! The atmosphere was creepy and dark, in a great way. The story was mysterious and made you wanna keep powering through. The music was also spot on, thanks for putting in the hard work in making this!

Thank you! I appreciate that!


Great work again! Loved the story and how open it feels while still feeling coherient-ish, the doctor looking good as ever, and Dalu sends chills up my spine.

Thank you for playing Flamez!


The chase music wasn't as loud this time around lol. We did get to here more backstory on Lara this time and the Giant head around the corners made me jump a few times lol.


Thank you for playing!


It was an immersive game! it was fun!