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Bring the ancients to the church.
Bring the ancients to their homes.
You can't fight, but you can run.
Daardoa is constantly on a hunt to find you, keep moving, and fulfill your purpose.

The two protagonists Nox and Lux bring the night and day in an endless cycle, using the Azure Medal bring the light and darkness into this surreal realm, guarded by the entity Daardoa. Explore the world, find its secrets, learn more about its characters, find the ancients and bring them to the church.

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Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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Daardoa is exactly what we expect from Vidas Games. A surreal experience with a unique atmosphere only the developer of the Timore games can reproduce. The scares are effective the first few times, and then not so much after that. Ultimately, it left me feeling that more could be done with the vibrant, yet empty areas. I enjoyed my time in the Daardoa universe but I do believe that Vidas Games can and will release greater experiences. Here is my playthrough for those who would rather watch:

Thanks for making games!


Thanks for playing and for the feedback!


Everyone who's still on the fence: turn over your sofa cushions, get those 3 bucks and buy this game because it's so atmospheric, it has great visuals and is pretty damn scary. I usually don't do screamy Lets Plays but this one really got me. 


Wow what a description, thank you 😁


You're very welcome. Also, I accidentally liked my own comment and can't take it back, so please don't think I am a weirdo who does that on purpose. :D

Haha 😂


This game is amazing. And how you implemented the secrets that come after the first playthrough is just damn cool. Beautifully surreal, intensely frightening, and oddly calming. Amazing work!

Thanks so much Adrionic!


Great game with the expected quality and eeriness of a vidas game. As always, loved the aesthetics. Great use of creepy visual content (love the color choices) and ambient background sounds. Very tense play. Had a  bit of confusion after the very first part (Nox?) but I figured it out. Great stuff!

Thank you for playing!!


The uniqueness of your games is something I adore about them & keeps me coming for more. Truly delighted to have played this for my channel. 

I know you work so hard on every element for your games Vidas & you keep on impressing me with truly every horrifying stuff: from the jumpscares, to the story, to the music, to the backgrounds... just wow! Don´t you dare miss out on this game if you haven´t played it. There is a secret to be unfold. 

Thank you Anii! 😊


At this point, do I really need to write the best of the best words, that English language has to offer to describe this immensely superb horror????! 

This is not just the game, I know horror genre is more popularized now than ever, but this! This is something otherworldly, this is the definition of horror with the blend of the understanding of human psyche.

Just astonishing, full of eerie ambience, the sound, the mechanics, the story, I mean, the game has no flaws, literally no flaws and this type of quality is just a blessing for everyone. 

Can't say enough Vidas, I've been one of your biggest fan, I've been inspired by you  to make my own crappy games and, just thank you. That's all I wanted to say, THANK YOU!  

Wow thanks so much, I appreciate this!!


I definitely recommend all Vidas games to anyone who likes scary games, beautiful visuals, amazing soundtrack, interesting plots and themes, or just fun and intriguing games.  Congrats on the newest release!! 

Thanks so much!! 😊


congratulations on the new release Vidas! This one was really cool! We loved the creature designs in this especially. Very fitting for the aesthetic of the game & it made us jump real good! 

Can’t wait for your next release :) keep up the great work man. Proud of you!






Vidas Games never disappoint with the scares, let's just get that out of the way right now. If you are after a short horror experience with multiple levels of lore & story telling then this is your game.

As always, the killer soundtrack from Vidas Games is still very present. The guitar tracks are awesome & the self aware style makes it apparent that you are playing one of their horror games.
Ambient sounds are also taken very seriously with well timed jumps that don't feel tacky. They are methodical & work well within the context of the game.

I am a huge fan of symbolism & abstract imagery & this game has a really well designed play area. The trees are an off colour blue, the sky is black as is the water. The body horror imagery is also quite unnerving (NO SPOILERS) but holy hell, this one part freaked me out good.
The whole package is put together really nicely & compliment each other well.

The creatures & the layout of the map feel fresh & original. I don't actually remember seeing anything quite like this in any other game. The mechanics of navigation are well thought out & add an extra layer of mystery to this story.

Without giving too much away, the story requires multiple playthroughs as there are different endings & alternative story elements to explore such as "the other side of the story".

I've said this many times before about various indie games, but the value here is great. UK 2.09 EURO 2.39 $2.99
you can't complain about prices like this. This is worth every penny. For the level of entertainment that you get, you just can't beat it. This game just like many others are worth so much more. It's games like this & indie developers that give me hope for the future of games & experiences.

10/10. Don't hesitate to buy!

Thanks so much bud!