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Death cannot feel fear.
Death cannot have a heart.

In the Deptonn hospital Dr. Hurden is performing terrible experiments with patients, that always die afterwards. The experiments continue until one evening Hurden succeeds and the patient doesn't feel fear and pain anymore. 

Father Temius then performs a ritual and creates an artificial death in a physical body. The patient's chest opens up with no heart inside, only the arms of the dead ones are reaching out from its chest, trying to get out into this world.

Who are you? A soldier, a medic, a woodsman or a war priest?
No matter who you are, you have one goal - to escape the artificial death, the false one, created by Dr. Hurden.
Explore the Deptonn hospital and the forest around it. People no longer live in this place, but they left their memories written in pieces of paper. Those memories and letters will lead you to your own escape from the false one. Every single note contains a clue to your own escape and a story which might lead you to stand against the artificial death itself.

Your escape will lead you to one of many endings, follow the notes, find different objects to escape the false one.

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AuthorVidas Games
Tagsdoctor, Horror, hospital, jumpscare, Monsters, Multiple Endings, terror, timore, vidas, World War II


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reminds me of slender

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This game almost killed me. My chest hurts from the jumpscares. I totally didn't expect it, no warning. I love that there are multiple endings, though reaching them is a feat in itself. I wish there was more ambience or ambient music but the silence makes the jumpscares that much more terrifying. Check out my gameplay vid and wear headphones if you want a heart attack as well. 5/5

Thank You!


I had pretty high expectations for this game since I loved the Timore series so much, and it definitely lived up to those expectations. You have such a unique game development style and it pushes the atmosphere to a creepier level than any other game series that I’ve ever played. The ambiance is so silent, yet you can still hear stuff going on. It more or less forces you to jack up the volume then it hammers you hard with scares. The best part about this is: they’re not always jumpscares or antagonists doing the scaring. A lot of the time it is psychological and even innocent or friendly NPCs can feel extremely creepy and off. The visuals were amazing. I love the shiny style that your games all have. It’s another thing that allows me to recognize your games straight away. The fact that this game has a unique way of telling a story and solving the mystery really blows me away. I was only able to get one ending, but I feel like I found quite a few pieces to the overall puzzle. I’ll definitely be diving back into this one soon. I’m gonna end the review here or I’ll just keep going on and on about how obsessed I am with this title and why haha. Thanks so much for making this!

Thank You so much JayskiBean! Can't wait to see more!