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Dark thoughts, sadness, loneliness, depression.
The unsafe parts of your mind.
Do not explore them for too long.

Sorrow Asylum is a looping horror game, a mix of an abandoned asylum and your mind's prison. The longer you stay, the deeper you sink.

You'll meet the creatures of such a place: Lara and Plague Doctor.

The evil can be locked up.
Prison. Grotto. Asylum.
These unsafe places will manifest through you.

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Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Nice game to play, but finished a bit quickly at the end, there could have been more time between the last calendar days. but otherwise a nice creepy atmosphere

Thanks for playing and sharing your feedback! There's also a sequel Sorrow Asylum 2 to continues the story. Thanks!

Thank you very much for playing!

Muy buen juego me gusto bastante... y tiene 2ª parte.

Thanks for playing! Appreciate it!

J'ai beaucoup aimé ce jeu wow.La peur vous envahis.

I played the first game only after playing the second episode first. This game was also quite impressive. I definitely recommend playing it if you get the chance.


Thank you!


Another amazing game by Vidas!

I can always count on a few things with playing their games!
Creepy atmosphere, certain type of scare that will always get me haha, rad af music and awesome voice acting!

Which Sorrow Asylum did a great job tapping my creeperchills human nerves with ice pick over and over again!

The story was interesting and enjoying seeing how things played out, counting down the days, which I enjoy sitting and thinking about after I finished playing.

The voice acting was great and adds extra flavor to the experience.

Doubtful if I have my under the bed friend still...

Great Job Vidas!

Thank you for playing and sharing your thought and the video, I appreciate it!

This was fun! I found this very creepy. Even near the end with that chase. Here is my playthrough, with my final thoughts at the end.

Thank you for playing!


Another fantastic game! I really enjoyed this and the va's did an incredible job adding to the atmosphere of the game! 

Thank you very much!

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Hello, I have a Korean translation for the game, are you guys willing to add Korean language if I send you a copy of my translation? I replied to your comment on one of your game videos on youtube saying that I made a localization patch file btw.

This is the video:

Hey, thank you for the offer, yes it would be really cool to have Korean language in the game, you can get in contact with me on email vidasgamesstudio@gmail.com or on my twitter @VidasSalavejus

Thank you for your help!

I've sent the email! If you guys need anything else please let me know.

Thank you! I replied to you in email 👍

Replied back with translated texts by email!

Thank you, I appreciate it!


This one had me on edge the entire time.

Ooo hell yeah thanks for playing man!


An awesome game

, a lot of fun to play too and the voice acting was fantastic

Thanks Derek, I appreciate it!

Lara is kinda bad not gonna lie...

No no she's great! 😁


I always enjoy your games, great job! 


Thank you!


Vidas me asustó mucho D: haha buenísimo!

Thank you! Gracias! 😁




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Thanks for your interest and sharing your youtube channel, let's talk, where would I send you a key for the game?


Enjoyed it a lot. :D


Thanks so much man!


That lady is nightmare


She's friendly though


There he is 😈





The new Sorrow Asylum trailer!


Looks scary




Once again, Vidas nails it out of the park with both in your face scares, and the tension that builds up waiting for the next one. The models were deliciously imposing, the sounds made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, and the scares were pants ruiningly good.

Thank you Flamez! I appreciate that!

Sorry about the pants, how many pairs do I owe you exactly? 😄


At this point I've lost count. Just send me a Kohls giftcard and I'll get some on clearance lol.

Ahaha fair enough 😂


Awesome video!




The audio was loud haha but it definitely helped with giving me the chills along with the chase scenes sounded like a nuke was going off. I will say Lara didn't like me so much xD.

Glad to hear it was scary! Yeah, which one was creepier, Lara or the Plague Doctor?

It says your video is still processing on Youtube so I'll be watching it when it's ready, thanks!


Nice job Vidas! Different type of game than normal for you, but I had fun. It touched on a very personal matter and a very dark topic, but it did a good job with some spooks and felt like a neat game.

Great job and I can't wait to see what else you make! (hint hint Gentlemoon 3)


Thank you so much Boundless! Great video, and yeah GentleMoon 3 oh man, that'll be a trip :D