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Short horror game about sadness.

Stay. Cry.

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Watch me scream be completely confused with this great game



an incredibly cool game. It was very creepy and made me feel uneasy inside. excited for more Timore games in the future!



Hey there! Congratulations on this game.I loved the message and asthetic. It looks and feels great. Actually, I've made a video playing this game with hilarious reactions. I hope you enjoy (likes and subs are highly appreciated, Thank you! :D) Keep the good work!

Thanks for playing!

bla bla bla. 

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Pros and cons are down below) 

Check out my vid here (likes and subs are highly appreciated)):


1. I like that this game was deeper than most horror indie games. It had a message. That's great, that makes the game much more than just an experience.

2. It spooked me so much. Nothing really happened but I was on the edge for the whole basement section of the game. Well done!

3. I felt the sadness. It's cool how you managed to appeal to the common depression experiences people have.


1. It's a bit empty. Like I said before, nothing really happened. On the one hand, it's understandable to provide the message of the game. On the other hand, I think that there were so many opportunities to make the game scarier.

2. It's basically the same point as before but a different suggestion. The basement section feels dragged out because, well, nothing's really happening there. Maybe it would be better to make it shorter or to make it scarier (then it's the previous point in the section).


I rate the game 5/5 stars here on itch. I felt it and I loved it.

Hope my feedback was useful!

*btw played your chimney prowler and Dia and I want to say that you've grown a lot as a developer / developers) Great job!

Thank you very much!

Thanks for playing our games and leaving your feedback/thoughts :)

All the empty-ish sections and dragged out door openings are just part of the game's message, depression is most of the time you against yourself and I fels like monsters or something like that wouldn't make sense with such setting.

Anyway, thanks for playing!


i like the message alot


This game kept me interested the whole way through. Though I'd like to mention the part where the main character has to continue to open multiple doors. This part seems to drag on with little changes to the environment. I wish you would of added in some scary character or a quick flashback of why this the character is living this unfulfilling life. Overall this game was fun to play and had some great hidden advice. "If you don't like your life, change it."

Hey, thanks for playing, I appreciate the feedback. The game is about sadness/depression, and I didn't add anything chasing you or any threats because it's only you against yourself in this, there's nothing really there stopping you from, like you said, changing your life.

I also noticed you saying the environment could've used more details, this is just how I wanted to make this specific game with basically 3 colors in it. Feel free to check out our other games like Martyrdom, Cave of Illusions: Twistyland, Theater Unrest, Dia... Those have more going on :)

Thanks for playing and for your feedback!


This was a deep and interesting game to say the least. Love the concept of capturing horror in sadness and really enjoyed how it progressed and told a story and also how it turned out in the end. I kept waiting for something to jump out and attack haha. Highly recommend you guys download the game and check it out to get the full experience for yourself! I'll leave a link to my playthrough of it as well, if you want to check it out.

Thank you for playing

Deleted 13 hours ago

Thanks for playing


Loved the game but I wish I could have seen more of the guy on the lamp pole but overall great job on the creation and hope to see more games like this in the future.

Thank you


Depressing and sad game... I loved it! Super inventive and cool!

Thank you!


Yeah np!


This felt less like a horror game and more like a message. I love the quality, and the short story. Also I did a video on it. Maybe that's shallow or something but yaknow, I definitely plug Vidas. You're doin great work man, keep'r goin.

Thank you :)


This was really cool! I really liked the styling and the way the story was delivered the jumpscares were good and the atmosphere was great! Heres my playthrough if you wanna see! 

Thanks for playing!

NIIICCCEEEE :D but weird lol

MUITO SINISTRO o que encontrei no fim do corredor escuro! - TIMORE SOLUM - JOGO DE TERROR INDIE PC - YouTube


What kind of madman makes a game this good, and gives it away for free?? Oh...of course it's Vidas. As always I am blown away by your abilities my man!

Thank you so much!

This was a great game! I really enjoyed the uncomfortable chills that I got while traversing the dark corridors. I have to say that my favorite bit was the music, it perfectly blended feelings of discomfort along with anticipation. Great work! Can't wait to see what you'll do next!


Thanks for the game! It was a pretty creepy experience! I felt like i'm at Universal Horror Nights lol 
Also, I love it that you added some story and meaning to the game! Can't wait to check your new works! 

Thank you!

Very interesting game

This was a great game :) Message went over my head though XDXD




Thanks man!


Cool game, I definitely enjoyed the aesthetics and the atmosphere definitely came across as sad. Another great game Vidas. I will link my gameplay below if you are interested in seeing my reaction. 

Thank you!

How can one be scared when one is sad? Great little game, nothing scary about it, just plain unbridled sadness. To me, at least.

Glad to be trying out another of your projects! It certainly had the unnerving atmosphere your projects tend to have! Also remembered I had played your game Guardians of December forever ago, we actually had a good conversation about it back then! Ill also link my video on that as well, perhaps it will ring a bell ;)

Guardians of December video

Hey, thank you for playing!

And yeah I remember that Guardian of December video, wow it's been a while! :D

Interesting game dealing with some legit subject matter. My take away, it's okay to be sad.

Thanks for playing :)

Hello sir, also did a simple gameplay video of this game, added some good and bad in description.


this game was awesome we wanna check out all the other games you have made now! 

Thank you!

This was a little underwhelming, but i was surprised at how atmospheric and CREEPY the game is, i was scared sh-tless the whole time lol


Well, quite tough in the reality. It is a good game with an important message. It did got me. I wasn't expecting it. The atmosphere of the game was really well build for what the purpose of it was, it works how it should. It is quite disturbing in its own way. I loved it. Congrats Vidas Games! 


Thank you :)

Thanks for making this game Vidas Games! It is not your typical jumpscary game for sure, pretty unique I would say. Talk about ups & downs in real life, felt very personal to me for these couple of days. Back to the game: the music is something I really love about you guys, very deep with the sounds, gets me with the horror mood and on edge. My very first Timore gameplay and I loved it.  

Thank you so much Anii!

Loved the game message and everything! Great game! Here is my gameplay!

I love how the message goes in here and let us experience horror at the same time. More of this

I have my gameplay included in here:

I think I got the message, but not sure xD. Fun to try out tho! :3 Here is my gameplay: 

Pretty interesting little game. I was a little confused about what was going on when I played but I think I get it now. Nice job!

(2nd game in vid)

Here's my playthrough of this game. It really hit me where I live, but I liked the message at the end!

Really loved the general atmosphere and sound design of your game. It felt like a complete package even with it's short play time. 

Thank you!


beautiful game.



This was a very weird very cool game! The subject matter was very well executed as well. Keep up the good work!!


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