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Hey, also an sich ist es echt ein tolles Spiel. Die Grafik ist sehr gut und die allgemeine Optik ist sehr künstlerisch und toll gestaltet. Mir persönlich hat leider der Horror total gefehlt. 4/5


Is it possible to make a mac version? Not sure if yu already have because im new to but, i do not know how to check if you have. Nice game though, looks good!

There's no mac version as of now, but there might be in the future. Maybe 🤔


This is very good. Short but to the point with a great visual style.

Thank you!


The delivery on how sadness can consume you and make every moment dreary and repetitive is really good!! I've dealt with depression countless times myself and the concepts are really good at mimicking it :-) and I liked the happy ending



Tried out Timore Solum at 18:15!

Thank you!

what are the game requirements

Liked the game but it def didnt feel like your older games, still good though, added it to my three free horror games video

Lets get back into Three Free Horror Games, today we tackle timore solum, Don't go in the basement and Doomed. Can these three horror games make me jump or will they flop come find out in todays three free horror games video.

Thanks for playing!

i liked the game it was good the only thing i didnt like was the hallways leading to another one where nothing is happing and it wayyy too dark, but i like the character design look weird and scary  but i would give it a 8.1

i loved the sound design! great game, 5/10 for scary, 9/10 for sound design, 10/10 for perfect mouse sensitivity


nice game :)

Thanks :)

I played this one, and I've got to say that I enjoyed Martyrdom a lot more, but it was okay.

Pretty creepy walking simulator. Check out my playthrough of this game in my first 3 scary games video! Hope you enjoy!

Strange & Scary, Very well done !!! I like it

Another walking simulator... it was alright. Skip to 14:17 for the full gameplay.

Interesting atmosphere, enjoyed the experience, creeped me out at certain parts 😅

I played this game on the latest episode of my 'Quick Scares' series on my YouTube Channel! Check it out! 😆


An interesting game. Had fun testing it. Loved the atmosphere.


(Yes this is a reupload I tried improving the quality, so I'm just posting here again)

Hi to the developer/anyone else reading this.

I'm just stopping by to say that I made a playthrough of your game. For me the "demon" or so I call it was really disturbing so good job on that :) It is really well made for a game and it is one of the few that actually has a scary atmosphere.

Link to the video if you want to see it↓

Deleted 228 days ago

Thanks for playing :

Loved this one. From what I understood it seemed like a metaphor for depression or anxiety? Please correct me if wrong but that's what I took away. Had a blast with this one thanks.

Link to my playthrough should you wish to watch:

Thanks so much.

Nice game

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sorry i am late to the party but heres my playthrough of the game XD

I had fun playing it XD did enjoy it XD

Sorry I'm late. I absolutely loved this. I felt this in so many ways, and I feel like I really understood. My final thoughts and theory are at the end of the vid!


Thanks for playing Kwirkee!


Seriously, horrific experience... I love it cant wait for the full game. 

Thanks for playing. It is a full game.

I feel like I am missing some information on this game. Or atleast I can't 100% get the point ,let me know if my analysis makes sense

great game but not my style


Great game! And a bit scary.

A great game, I identified a lot with the character.

Fiz uma gameplay legendada:


this was amazing, starts at around 9:09.

Thanks for playing!

Oh no prob! I will be checking out more


Such a great interesting game! And this is my first ever Timore game! Absolutely loved it! 

Thank you!


Of course!

good game

This game is too real! Especially during the quarantine, I feel like this became much of our lives. Well done, keep on going Mr. Timore!

hey whats up familila! this was a fun but a little confusing experience hah. the story was rather dark and i thought it covered an important topic of what i think was of the dangers of isolation?, thats is what i understood. the ending was great, giving the player a reminder that no matter how down the situation may be there is always a light at the end of the tunnel (i think i accidenly didn't edit in the ending correctly my bad so hah) keep up the good work!


Thanks for making this. This was disturbing, but still had a hopeful message at end. You did well at getting the hopelessness of depression across. <3

Thank you!


Watch me scream be completely confused with this great game



an incredibly cool game. It was very creepy and made me feel uneasy inside. excited for more Timore games in the future!



Hey there! Congratulations on this game.I loved the message and asthetic. It looks and feels great. Actually, I've made a video playing this game with hilarious reactions. I hope you enjoy (likes and subs are highly appreciated, Thank you! :D) Keep the good work!

Thanks for playing!

bla bla bla. 

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Pros and cons are down below) 

Check out my vid here (likes and subs are highly appreciated)):


1. I like that this game was deeper than most horror indie games. It had a message. That's great, that makes the game much more than just an experience.

2. It spooked me so much. Nothing really happened but I was on the edge for the whole basement section of the game. Well done!

3. I felt the sadness. It's cool how you managed to appeal to the common depression experiences people have.


1. It's a bit empty. Like I said before, nothing really happened. On the one hand, it's understandable to provide the message of the game. On the other hand, I think that there were so many opportunities to make the game scarier.

2. It's basically the same point as before but a different suggestion. The basement section feels dragged out because, well, nothing's really happening there. Maybe it would be better to make it shorter or to make it scarier (then it's the previous point in the section).


I rate the game 5/5 stars here on itch. I felt it and I loved it.

Hope my feedback was useful!

*btw played your chimney prowler and Dia and I want to say that you've grown a lot as a developer / developers) Great job!


Thank you very much!

Thanks for playing our games and leaving your feedback/thoughts :)

All the empty-ish sections and dragged out door openings are just part of the game's message, depression is most of the time you against yourself and I fels like monsters or something like that wouldn't make sense with such setting.

Anyway, thanks for playing!


i like the message alot

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